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The first wedding I ever shot was my cousins wedding. I barely knew how to use my camera, I ran around like crazy the whole day, didn’t sit down except for five minutes to nibble on some bread…and fell totally and completely in love with wedding photography.

Many years, lots of learning, and a good deal of wedding cake later, I STILL run around like crazy and I don’t really take time to eat at weddings, but my passion and obsession with the joining together of two lives hasn’t changed in the least. I still love the emotion, the chaos, and the beauty of weddings. I love those quiet moments when the groom sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress, or the look between a mother and her daughter as she ties up the brides wedding dress. I love the crazy long nights of dancing and story telling, and the light of love in the eyes of two people vowing to chase their dreams together for as long as the road allows. I love that my clients end up becoming my friends.

Also, I love dancing. Dancing is fun. And cake….well, wedding cake ROCKS. 

I do everything a la carte so that it is customized to fit your needs. All weddings come with a complimentary one hour engagement shoot. Visit my ­PORTRAITS PAGE to see examples of my engagement photography.

Here’s how it works:

1) We start off with figuring out how many hours you would like for me to be at your wedding. That will be the base price. Here are my base prices: (all prices include tax)

2 hours- $1,200
4 hours- $1,950
6 hours- $2,700
8 hours- $3,450
All Day- $4,200

3) After deciding your base price, you then decide which, if any, extras you would like to add to your package:

-Additional Engagement Session $375.00 hr
-Trash the Dress/Day After/Bridal Session $375.00 hr
-Boudoir Session $375.00 hr*

*Boudoir special for clients who book a wedding. Regular price is $500.00 per hour.

3) After the wedding, I painstakingly edit each picture. You will get a variety of edits, including black and white, vintage, eye pops, skin clearing and much more.

4) Once I am done editing, I post the pictures in a password protected album on my website so you can view your photos from the comfort of your own home. Feel free to share your password with your friends and family so that they can log on to view and order their own pictures. You can also let me know if there are particular photos that you would like edited differently. (“I love this one of mom, but I wish it was in black and white!”)

From this album, you have the ability to download as many high resolution photos that you choose at no additional cost! This means that you can print your own beautiful photos, send them off to be printed at a lab of your choice, or you can post them to your facebook page, twitter, blog, email, text, or -if you’re REALLY old school- your MySpace. You can also order professional quality prints at an additional cost.

To set up a consult with me, please go CONTACT ME and lets meet up for coffee and get to know one another!


Sarah Alston Photography
Laguna Beach, CA

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